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dreaming and creating

1 to 100

Do you know what you want. what you love. Do you know what you will want in your future. Outstanding work that shows dreams of people from age 1 to … Continue reading

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Food waste project

While I was going through the pages today, I noticed one interesting project on food waste. Do we realise how absurd sometimes the food cult is. I like eating well, … Continue reading

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The song that

makes you calm and somehow happy of the moment you are in. Be happy.

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Becoming you

For some time I was away from all the blogging, however New year (even if it started a month ago) is for keeping up with your ideas/resolutions or however you … Continue reading

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Everything and all

I think the most important thing in life is to value everything you have. I don’t talk too much about it, but actually I am mostly grateful for the love … Continue reading

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October tasks

I think this month is for photos! For photos of this beautiful season, which goes away so quickly. Be my guest and do the same – take those wonderful moments … Continue reading

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Autumn – up and down

Autumn has it all. And by all I mean that it has also its ups and downs. One moment you have this full energy level…until the rain and darkness dawns. … Continue reading

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Inspire Yourself

To reach your goal inspire yourself. With everything you can. pictures, vision boards, videos, blogs, writing… Just try to see it every day. Have a plan how to live the … Continue reading

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nature living

I almost got it what to do with my life! I will try to update every single step here, to prove that you can enjoy the days and the hard … Continue reading

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your own path

Do not ever let anyone say what you can or cannot do. You own your life and you are the only one allowed to make bad or good decisions.

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