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Rush & other observations

This week somehow is full of observations. I think about how much lots of people rush to live, I somehow manage to appear in pages where the problems of animal … Continue reading

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it’s not monday that sucks

It was very hard to wake up. I felt like I didn’t sleep at all. As I was laying and forcing myself to move and go to the bathroom I … Continue reading

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Lots of movies

This week was a slow-down-and-make-some-decisions week. It comes from a cold you have and from the free days that you have somehow to fill when your flat was poured over … Continue reading

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1 to 100

Do you know what you want. what you love. Do you know what you will want in your future. Outstanding work that shows dreams of people from age 1 to … Continue reading

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Becoming you

For some time I was away from all the blogging, however New year (even if it started a month ago) is for keeping up with your ideas/resolutions or however you … Continue reading

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Everything and all

I think the most important thing in life is to value everything you have. I don’t talk too much about it, but actually I am mostly grateful for the love … Continue reading

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October tasks

I think this month is for photos! For photos of this beautiful season, which goes away so quickly. Be my guest and do the same – take those wonderful moments … Continue reading

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Autumn – up and down

Autumn has it all. And by all I mean that it has also its ups and downs. One moment you have this full energy level…until the rain and darkness dawns. … Continue reading

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Inspire Yourself

To reach your goal inspire yourself. With everything you can. pictures, vision boards, videos, blogs, writing… Just try to see it every day. Have a plan how to live the … Continue reading

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