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Rush & other observations

This week somehow is full of observations. I think about how much lots of people rush to live, I somehow manage to appear in pages where the problems of animal torture for food and clothing and then so many thoughts come to my head. I read about a young girl (of age 17) who volunteers in a children hospital with oncological diseases. So, want it or not, you start thinking about this world.


Why, people are so eager to rush? They rush to cross the street even if the red light is still on (and it will be on only for 3 seconds). And making a big mistake not turning around us and maybe seeing that behind you stands a young mother with two little children and she tries to tell them, that you cannot do this. You cannot go when the light is red, but they don’t understand when other people are doing this.

Can we try being a model for those children? What would you say for you children if you were standing in the same place?

It seems people are affraid to be late at work, so they hustle into the full bus, without any air in there and you, the one who did not sit in that bus, waits for another one – empty one, which came after 4 minutes. Ok, I was late for work for 8 minutes, but well, I really was comfortable and no one said anything to me.

Not the first time, I am mentioning the phrase – living in the moment. Everything is all about it. Maybe you won’t get at home 10 seconds earlier but you will be a model for a child (and his mother will be so grateful that again she didn’t need to explain everything again). Maybe, you will be late for work, but who knows, maybe because of this you had 8 minutes to realise how you aren’t living in the moment and how you have to start doing this.


No, I am not saying that this instant I am becoming one, but I am definetely eating less meat or  starting to think what I am wearing. Yesterday I was browsing through the internet and I saw our cruelty. For our comfort we became cruel. Oh well, not became, man kind was always like this. We kill for food, we kill for clothing. But at this century, do we still need this? Honestly, I am torn. I was eating meat from my childhood, I had some moments when I though about how animals suffer but this time I saw the pictures. And maybe if we are so used to eating meat, but how about wool and leather, and… These are most valuable materials and we use it because it is natural it feel better than synthetics. But…

I am not suggesting you becoming vegeterian or throwing all of your ‘natural’ material clothing, but I think, we can think a bit more, what we are supporting. How we are getting things. However, me myself, I am affraid that I am so accustomed to this lifestyle that it will be hard making changes but why not to try being a better person.


As I mentioned above, I read about a girl who works as a volunteer with children who have oncological diseases. The girl now tries to raise 30 000 eur for those children and when the amount will be gathered she will shave her long long hair and donate them to one of the children who says that she doesn’t look cute.

The girl started volunteering when she was 13 years old. I think, no more words are need. Sometimes it is good people who even without knowing will help you to think and do more than you were planning to.

I am suggesting you today to stop and think: do we share the love, do we love ourselves enough and how can we be better.


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