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The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO | review


Last week I finished reading Robin Sharma’s book The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO.

It is a self-help book so to say, but even if you think that you do not need that help, you might feel a bit different after reading it.

The story is about a man, Jack, who got in the car accident and after waking up in a hospital, he was introduced with a co-patient. That patient told the stories of his life, his regrets, he tought Jack a bit about life and went to sleep. In the morning am co-patient left this world.

I might think that even without reading you might predict who was that man to Jack.

And now Jack’s path to self-knowledge has just began. The co-patient planned three meetings with three life teachers: with The Saint, the surfer and the CEO. Each of them were destined to teach Jack how to answer himself three most important questions in life: whether he lived wisely, loved well and served greatly. In each meeting Jack got lots of advices how to start living a life that would matter to himself and others.

Myself, some time ago I was very skeptical about all those self-help books but more I read some psychological and motivational books I start to understant that it is quite a good way to feel uplifted and keep your motivation level high. This particular book, teaches us to think more about the things that matter – our feelings, our percep
tions of what should be taken into our consideration. It teaches us to be truthful with ourselves.

After reading this, I really found the quotes, questions to write down in my notebook. To remember, to see everyday and keep in mind: we should be more. And… Don’t be affraid.


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