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Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Rush & other observations

This week somehow is full of observations. I think about how much lots of people rush to live, I somehow manage to appear in pages where the problems of animal … Continue reading

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Love cooking | churros | recipe

I have mentioned before that I am a real foodie and I looove cooking. For Easter’s sweet table I made churros. When I made them, I thought it would be … Continue reading

April 18, 2015 · 1 Comment

The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO | review

Last week I finished reading Robin Sharma’s book The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO. It is a self-help book so to say, but even if you think that you … Continue reading

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When the days are grey, we should color them! By wearing colors.

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How motivation comes

I won’t be long today. We are looking for motivation, for ideas and inspiration. But do you know from where it really comes? It comes from work/effort that you are … Continue reading

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