Stormy living

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Living in the moment

Sometimes it hits you, that this moment is all you have. You look back at your travels, your ex friends and ex jobs, even your school and you might feel nostalgic, happy, sad about all of that. You try to keep the memories, the feelings in your heart but it becomes heartbreaking when you realise that some of these things will never recur. Then, you move to the future. Where is the light and happiness and actually the most important – uncertainty. Now, you are affraid of what is coming, will it be what you want, will it be what you need and afterall, do we really know what we will want or need in the next year. It comes to that – you have this. This time. To be happy, to feel sadnness, to be angry that you cannot decide on something.

It is hard to appreciate the moment, but in the future I think we don’t want to become one of those people who would always mumble about their past days, how good it was and would look in the future and would see nothing. Why it is so hard to be here. To be at the moment.

Let’s try together.



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