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This week was a slow-down-and-make-some-decisions week. It comes from a cold you have and from the free days that you have somehow to fill when your flat was poured over with hot water. Yes, we had an accident. Hot water leaked from our kitchen for about a whole day while we were in our jobs. So all flat was filled with water and steam. So for now, we don’t have floors in two rooms (well in one we have half room filled with a rug). So as you see nothing to do at home until the humidity is in the air. For all those reasons I watched lots of movies this week.

So here we go.

The theory of everything

I was expecting more from this movie. It seems that actors did their best work but, I think that the plot was unfulfilled. Everything from his love story and his illness is shown well but talking about his excellent brain from the movie it seems that it came from absolutely nothing. I think there was too little shown about how did he learnt about time, what did he read. Because now it seems that he without any science help makes the best achievements.

Big Hero 6

This movie was adorable and funny and so so! Absolutely not only for kids. I think it is one of the best reecent Disney animated movies. Very good humor and for the children I think it would be very inspiring. The movie itself is about story about the ‘so called’ soft robot who cures illnesses and bad feelings. A boy after his life changing accident cooperates with this sweet robot and some friends to fight the evil. You have to see what will happen.

Julie and Julia

Its not the first time I was watching this movie but I really like it because of its inspirational power. Two intertwined stories of Julia Child and Julie Powell, two women from different times and two women who just loved to cook. Julie follows Julia’s book and starts a blog making all the recipes from her cookbook. You just sit, relax, watch this movie and you know that after this you will go to your kitchen and make something buttery.

Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf’s

Definitely a fashion lover’s movie. It’s about a mecca of designers shops. About all life in Beergdorf, building’s story, a bit of fashion story in it and about a desire of every designer to become a part of it.

And, that’s maybe it (not including very cheesy romantic movie and TV series). Some inspiration, some fun and lots of good time (not mentioning that I had cold).

Have a great day/night!


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Decided to walk more, so mornings became more beautiful! ☀️
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Kurią nors esate skaitę? Gal dar kokių pasiūlymų turite?

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