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Becoming you

For some time I was away from all the blogging, however New year (even if it started a month ago) is for keeping up with your ideas/resolutions or however you will call this.

During the time when I didn’t write the following happened:

  • finally, I photographed my works and put it on facebook. I am really happy I did it. However I know that there is a lot to learn about promoting my works and also I need to learn more how to manage my time to be have sources for my two main jobs, a hobby (that maybe one day will be not only that) and other activities.
  • I’ve been reading several inspiring books.
    • One of them was Alexander Ebaen’s book Proof of heaven. The author tells about his near death experience and tells what did he see in the ‘other world’. I always was skeptical about these stories, however, it made me realise even if not a thing is real in this book, but you will feel better believing in the the things he tells. I realised that faith (no matter in what – maybe in yourself) is important to be happier or to be in harmony with yourself and the world.
    • Now I am reading Mikhail Litvak’s book “How to know your faith and change it” (I am not sure if this book is translated in English as I am reading it in Lithuanian). The book reveals very simple truth why we are living the way we are. It denies our perception of guilt and bad luck. I would really recommend this book.
  • also, I am now really started to search for the ways to feel better (to be more energetic and have sharp mind). I bought three different green teas (I will write about them in an upcoming entry), I started doing morning excercices and trying to be in harmony (and it is quite hard sometimes when you are a woman with lots of thought in your head).

So, I want to believe that this year will be the year of “Becoming myself”. Sometimes we don’t think why do we judge other people, why we have one opinion but not the other or why we follow/buy everything that we see. We all should look around ourselves and evaluate OUR world. The world of our friends (are they your real friends?), family, work (why I am doing what I am doing) and other.

I wish for you all and for myself to be stronger and find some small path to finding/becoming you.

P.S. For all the women – please watch Advanced Style movie. It is very inspiring. And for men and women – Whiplash.


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