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I think the most important thing in life is to value everything you have. I don’t talk too much about it, but actually I am mostly grateful for the love I have.

I know that we are different, I know that we have some issues (but these appear very rarely). But. But, he is the one that I want to be next to when something bad or good happens. I want to spend all weekend with him, even if it means that I will be making some crafts and he will be playing a game with his friends or reading the news. Can you imagine, we miss each other after one day not being together. And don’t think that we are this silly new couple that hasn’t gone through rough pathes and hadn’t even lived together. For God’s sake, next month it will be the 4th year that we are together.

So, today, I just wanted to let myself remember and maybe to remember to this little readership of this blog, that we need to be more grateful for the things in life. It doesn’t matter if this thing is your cutest dog or your passion for art or your beloved mother or… We all have at least one strong thing to be grateful for. So be grateful, every day.

I’m trying to do this excersice every morning when I go to work. I thank my life for 3 things that I am grateful for. Somedays it’s easier than the others, but I always find those 3 things. Its every person in your family, its your best best friend, its you, who maybe started the whole30 program and for 5 days is still on it (I won’t lie – its me, and at this moment I am very proud of it). So, I am suggesting you to do the same. You will definetely feel better, maybe for those 10 minutes or for whole hour or even for a day.

And today, I thank for you, especially.



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