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Autumn – up and down

Autumn has it all. And by all I mean that it has also its ups and downs. One moment you have this full energy level…until the rain and darkness dawns. But are we so dependent on the weather. Not to be like this, I feel that we have to find some solutions.

Colors, colors, please, use more colors. In your work place, in every room. Decorate the places with small or big instalations. Use light as much as possible. And here you have, places you want to be in.

Music. Music also influences our mood. Put on some good fun jazz, folk or a real good radio. You have to harmonize environment.

Move. I cannot believe that I am the person to write this, but I know how hard it is to get up and move somewhere. How hard it is not to be lazy and attend that dancing lesson when you see sun shinging through your window. Well, you can still enjoy sun while moving, dancing, doing yoga excercises, etc.

Inspire yourself. Take time to make your inspiration boards. It doesn’t matter if they look very neat or very cool, but you have to know, what inspires you, and how you can use this inspiration for yourself.

And most importantly – don’t forget to use these colors, music, movements and inspiration. The biggest problem is that we try to make something beautiful in our environment but we forget why we do that. We search for inspirational pictures, quotes, but we don’t think through how we will use it.






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