Stormy living

dreaming and creating

In my stormy kitchen

I really love cooking. Even though, not every day I feel like it but when I do, I just express myself here. The only problem is, that I don’t count any grams and mililiters and when I want to make the same dish – I can’t, it is always different. But well, that’s the fun.

This one, I called ‘pasta a la Audra’ as I was inspired after our holidays in Italy to make real pasta. With pasta I served various vegatables and chicken breast stewed in grainy mustard, cream and wine sauce.

P6240605 P6240608 P6240615

This I loved! It is Giant veg rösti made according Jamie Oliver. It is very simple, cheap and amazingly delicious. I will definitely do this again.

P7090632 P7090633

For this I used all of my creativity. Chicken was cooked with mustard and wine marinade (salt and pepper to taste). I put the chicken over spinach and zucchini, poured over a la pesto sauce and then I sprinkled some pine nuts and feta cheese. Everything blend just perfectly. My man loved it.

P7100653 P7100654 P7100660

 And that’s happy and stormy kitchen.



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This entry was posted on July 16, 2014 by in Food.
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