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1 month ago we were in Italy. I couldn’t have imagined that this country has so much to offer. Before travelling here I was just finishing to read Eat, pray, love and the timing couldn’t have been better. Italy is really a place to eat, travel and love. In 10 days we visited 5 cities, tasted some delicious food, saw most amazing places and one more time fell in love with each other.

We both organized our trip, and decided where should we stay and what we want to see. So, for those of you, that still hesitates about going to this country, I assure you – it is worth it. The adventures and impressions are very subjective for everyone but I believe that in certain places you start understanding what is your purpose and what it teaches you. We found our purpose, you might as well find yours.

Our first Italian pizza in Riva del Garda. We ate these delicious pizzas in Pizzeria Bella Napoli. After eating this you understand that pizzas that you eat in Lithuania are far far away from a good, crispy pizza with well picked ingredients.

unnamed (7)

 Other pizzas we tried out in Malcesine. We had these in Da Pedro. Again, there are not much of ingredients, but they are so well combined and so fresh. You feel the homemade sauce, you enjoy creamy ricotta cheese and you definitely love the crisp!

unnamed (2)

 In Verona, we tried out some ice cream, which was really good, though I don’t remember the name of the place but it was definitely near Juliette’s balcony (which, by the way did not leave any grand impressions).

unnamed (4)

The next day, as hungry wolves we were wandering around Verona for a good place to eat ( as the one that we were planning to visit was not working on the days we were staying here). We found a cozy restaurant, called Osteria Sottoriva. We were really surprised. Pasta was really delicious and the prices were very reasonable. If you are nearby – worth a visit.

unnamed (5)

Also, in Verona we had the best cappuccino. We had our breakfast in Tosca Cafe Verona. Coffee was prepared really well, the sandwiches we took – did not impress. Also, we would have loved if terrace was working but knowing that Italians are really relaxed people and they do not hurry, you just learn it by yourself and let it go.

unnamed (6)

 Our last stop was in Venice. It is sad that for most of the places I don’t have the names but I just can say, that we were lucky to find places that served delicious food. We enjoyed various bruschettes in silent and cozy corner. We sat there and observed how an old local couple sat here, drank their spritz and just enjoyed their lunch time.

unnamed (1)

 The evening when we came to Venice, we were looking for Alfredino’s. When we found it we saw that it was closed (no surprise in Italy). So we found another place to eat. However, next day it was working and we took some pasta to try out. You can really feel that pasta is homemade and it is very gratifying, but overall it was not what we might have expected. Though, I don’t say that it wasn’t good – it was.


For our last dinner, we decided to spend little more money. I took spaghetti with lobster and my man took medium raw steak. Yes, yes, you see it already,it was really good (and sadly no name of the restaurant).

unnamed (3)

Voila! With these delicious reminiscences I can calmly go to watch SYTYCD (I think I will never grow out of it).


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