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Working towards

Lately, I forgot that I had a blog. Uff, hopefully it never occurs again 🙂 What is up!? So, I am as always with my ups and downs but that … Continue reading

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Rush & other observations

This week somehow is full of observations. I think about how much lots of people rush to live, I somehow manage to appear in pages where the problems of animal … Continue reading

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Love cooking | churros | recipe

I have mentioned before that I am a real foodie and I looove cooking. For Easter’s sweet table I made churros. When I made them, I thought it would be … Continue reading

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The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO | review

Last week I finished reading Robin Sharma’s book The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO. It is a self-help book so to say, but even if you think that you … Continue reading

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When the days are grey, we should color them! By wearing colors.

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How motivation comes

I won’t be long today. We are looking for motivation, for ideas and inspiration. But do you know from where it really comes? It comes from work/effort that you are … Continue reading

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it’s not monday that sucks

It was very hard to wake up. I felt like I didn’t sleep at all. As I was laying and forcing myself to move and go to the bathroom I … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel so happy that you have that one particular person in your world? Oh my, am I lucky that I have him. I feel that shiver through … Continue reading

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Living in the moment

Sometimes it hits you, that this moment is all you have. You look back at your travels, your ex friends and ex jobs, even your school and you might feel … Continue reading

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Lots of movies

This week was a slow-down-and-make-some-decisions week. It comes from a cold you have and from the free days that you have somehow to fill when your flat was poured over … Continue reading

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